Stiles is the Garden Route supplier of H2O International/BWT (Best water Technology) products

We believe that every drop of water for everyone, everywhere, should be life-sustaining.

Water is both the elixir of life and a limited resource, but it is not always available at the quality level required. BWT & H2O International has therefore set itself the task of treating existing water on site, to make it available at the desired quality. We are committed to working sustainably, conserving the precious resource of our Blue Planet.

With 50 years market leadership in Industrial and commercial water treatment, BWT Africa assures you of experienced, qualified advice that saves businesses millions.

With specialist expertise from in-house, qualified engineers and fully-commissioned products for ‘plug and play’, you can rest assured that your projects will always be completed thanks to steadfast commitment from BWT.


Address: 12 Commercial Close, Shop B, Levallia, George, 6529
Contact Number: 0448713222

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